Treatment of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome: How Real Women Deal with PCOS Symptoms

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Treatment of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome: How Real Women Deal with PCOS Symptoms
Treatment of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome: How Real Women Deal with PCOS Symptoms-2
PCOS Soluton: "I stay away from processed foods!" 
—Michelle LaRowe Conover, 34, author and mother of 2, Hyannis, MA
How I Used to Feel: "In high school, I began having heavy periods, my hair started to thin and I was gaining weight even though I played three sports and was drum major of the marching band. I felt hopeless. I was on diet after diet and nothing worked. After being told to lose weight to feel better, I did some research and sought out a top-notch reproductive endocrinologist in Boston. He advised a low-carb diet and prescribed metformin, a drug that increases your body's response to insulin, since many women with PCOS experience insulin resistance, which keeps your cells from getting the fuel they need."
How I Manage PCOS Symptoms: 
"Before learning how to eat right, I felt hopeless because PCOS made it nearly impossible for me to lose weight. Now, I am in control of my weight and feel good about myself. Because women with PCOS can't process sugar efficiently I do everything I can to stay away from simple carbs, processed foods and white sugar. I never eat a carb alone; pairing a protein with a carb keeps blood sugar stable, reduces insulin spikes, reduces sugar cravings and lowers my risk of diabetes. So, for example, I always pair a complex carb like a baked potato with a protein, like a chicken breast. On the average day, I eat every three hours. Breakfast is two slices of 35-calorie light wheat bread with either egg whites or peanut butter. Then I have either an apple or berries and 15 almonds for a mid-morning snack. Lunch is a salad with chicken or turkey and vinaigrette dressing or sometimes a six-inch Subway chicken teriyaki sub. Dinner includes a lean meat with broccoli and a baked potato or sweet potato. In the evening, my snack consists of cottage cheese and berries. I stay away from dairy because it's so high in fat, drink only water or Crystal Light and have one cheat day per week—on Saturdays! I feel like I've made a real lifestyle change and that I've found something that works for me."

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