Weekend Fitness: Be a Weekend Warrior

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Weekend Fitness

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Weekend Fitness: Be a Weekend Warrior

Don't let the weekend jeopardize your fitness plan. Weekends are a much-needed respite from your cranky boss, hectic commute and 10-hour stretches in front of a computer. But if you spend two full days partying until dawn, guzzling down drinks, and giving up on your diet, you'll feel like you were run over by a truck come Sunday night. Learn how to use the weekend to focus on fitness and nutrition, recharge and rejuvenate without sacrificing fun.

Weekend Fitness Tip:

Shop on Saturday

By the end of the work week, your fridge probably contains a whole lot of nothing. Rather than eating string cheese from last May (that never ends well), do your grocery shopping on Saturday so you can stock up for the rest of the weekend and work week ahead. Ordering in or dining out from Friday to Sunday can be expensive and unhealthy since you may not know how things are prepared.

Weekend Fitness Tip:

Plan Your Meals for the Week

Don't just aimlessly pile up your cart at the supermarket. (Turkey, gummy bears and an onion does not add up to dinner!) Planning ahead saves time and money. Making a list of what you'll need for complete meals and snacks helps you get in, get out and get back to your weekend! If you need some cooking inspiration, peruse your favorite food websites for healthy meal ideas and trade recipes with your friends.

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