Your Pregnancy At-A-Glance

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Your Pregnancy At-A-Glance

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Your Pregnancy At-A-Glance

MONTH 3: Weeks 8-12

Possible physical changes
See Month 2. In addition, constipation, food cravings, occasional slight headaches, faintness or dizziness, skin problems such as acne or rashes.

Possible emotional changes
See Month 2. In addition, fear of miscarriage, anticipation grows, fear or anxiety about bodily changes, motherhood, finances.

Possible appetite changes
See Month 2. Morning sickness and food cravings may intensify.

The inside story
By the end of this month, the embryo resembles a tiny human, weighing an ounce and measuring about 1/4 inches long from head to buttocks, the size of a small strawberry. The heart is beating, and the arms and legs are formed, with finger and toe buds appearing. Bone is just beginning to replace cartilage.

Sleep/stamina irregularities
See Month 2. Experiment with sleeping on your back, head elevated six inches and legs propped on a pillow, or curl up on your side.

Stress Rx
See Month 2. Read books like What to Expect When You're Expecting, Arlene Eisenberg, Heidi Murkoff and Sandee E. Hathaway, B.S.N. (Workman Publishing, 1991 ), The Good Housekeeping Illustrated Book of Pregnancy and Baby Care (Darling Kindersley Limited, 1990), A Child Is Mom: The Completely New Edition, Lennart Nilsson (Dell Publishing, 1993). Your doctor may restrict sexual intercourse, experiment with "pregnancy safe" alternatives.

Special risks
See Month 2. See a genetic counselor if you're concerned about genetic defects, family medical problems or are 35+.

When to call your doctor 
Fever above 100.4 degrees in absence of cold or flu symptoms, severe headache, blurred, dim or double vision, fainting or dizziness, sudden, unexplained, large weight gain, sudden increase in thirst with sparse and/or painful urination, bleeding or cramping.

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