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What's Better for Workout Motivation: Punishment or Reward?

Celebrating with a glass of vino may be more fun (and delicious!), but depriving yourself the liquid love could actually help more.

Cell Phone Addiction Is So Real People Are Going to Rehab for It

Call it dependency or a full-blown addiction, but how we're (over)using iPhones and smartphones is taking its toll.

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Should You Be Taking an Aspirin Every Day?

New research shows it may help prevent cervical, breast, colon and skin cancers, and yet doctors aren't recommending it for everyone. Why the heck not?

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Why I'm Not Spending Mother's Day with My Kids

Why one mom wants to take a break from parenting life to spend Mother’s Day crushing it in the mud.

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Can a Night of Bad Sleep Ruin Your Workout?

Tiger Woods says that stress is leading him to miss out on zzz's. But could it be messing with his game too?

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Could Your Bedsheets Be Making You Sick?

Warning: This is pretty gross!

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Can Watching Reality TV Make You a Nicer Person?

Those hours spent with the Kardashians may not actually be wasted after all.

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Are You Hungry for Food or Friends?

New research shows that feelings of isolation and loneliness can make women feel physically hungry, even after a big meal.

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Scientists Find a Gene That May "Turn On" Anorexia

A new study identifies a gene that causes anorexia in up to 90 percent of people who have it.

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