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ADHD or Overachiever? Women and the Epidemic of Adderall Abuse

How "the perfect life in a pill" can be deadly.

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5 Ways You Unintentionally Stress Yourself Out

And how to put a stop to it.

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Exploring Different Breast Cancer Treatments

With news that Giuliana Rancic is undergoing a double mastectomy, we explore the different breast cancer treatments.

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31 Ways to Boost Your Mood—and Health This Month

Pack your calendar with fast and fun ways to see your health and spirits soar.

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Are You an Accidental Addict?

Got back pain or a migraine? Read this before you pop a painkiller.

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10 Free iPhone Apps to Help You Sleep Better, Tonight!

The cure for your insomnia may be just a click away.

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Anti-Aging Tips: Q and A with Dr. Gerald Imber

Our new SHAPE columnist, Dr. Gerald Imber answers questions about aging.

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"I Had a Double Mastectomy"

At 35, Claudine Basile made a radical choice to have a cancer-free future.