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Your Multi-Vitamin May Be Killing You

New research says unnatural concentrations of vitamins may cut your life short.

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SHAPE Best Blogger Awards: 20 Blogs That Keep Us Happy and Sane

Vote for your favorite blog in SHAPE's 2011 Blogger Awards!

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5 Simple Tips For Better Sleep Tonight

Need help sleeping? These 5 changes can give you better sleep tonight.

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What if You Got Paid to Make Healthy Choices?

A new site is doing just that! Get the scoop.

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Catching Breast Cancer: How to Perform a Self-Check

Learn how to perform a regular breast self-exam here.

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Can Pinterest Change Your Life?

Science says yes! Get the scoop here.

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Exercise Powerful Enough to Act As a Second Antidepressant Drug

Study finds that exercise is powerful enough to act as a second antidepressant drug in those who are depressed.

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Gastronomically Correct: Ways To Ease Stomach Discomfort

Follow SHAPE blogger Renee Woodruff on her journey to beat gastronomical problems.