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Top Slim-Down Vitamin Supplements for Women

Boost your intake of these 3 vitamin supplements and watch your waistline slim-down with ease.

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Breast Myths Debunked

Separate fact from fiction so you can rest easy (and stay perky!).

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Best Apps of 2011: New Apps for Healthy Living

Sticking to your diet, fitness routine or healthy living is easy with these amazing new apps in 2011.

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Menstural Cramps: 3 Ways to Stop Cramps

3 experts reveal the best way to find menstrual cramp relief. Try all 3 strategies for triple-threat menstrual cramp relief.

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Learning How to Let Go

Don't let your anger, your ex, regret or anything else stand in your way. Learn how to let go of whatever's holding you back.

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How to Be Happy: Top 7 Secrets of People Who Are

Learn how to be truly happy with these 7 simple ways to change your mindset.

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Alternative Medicine: The Truth About the Neti Pot

Could a Neti pot relieve sinusitis (sinus infections), the common cold, nasal congestion and allergy symptoms like a stuffy nose? Get the facts on this natural remedy.

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Dealing with Excessive Sweating (Hyperhidrosis)

Everything you need to know about excessive sweating. From medical diagnosis (hyperhidrosis) to home remedies and professional treatments.

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Damage Control: 7 Bad Habits to Break

Learn the truth about little bad habits that damage your health (sleeping pills, binge drinking, missed birth control pills, etc) and tips on how to reverse the damage.