Mind and Body
What Gone Girl Taught Us About Moving

In light of Gillian Flynn's Gone Girl hitting theaters today, we tapped the experts for what not to do when it comes to moving to a new city.

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16 Evening Habits for a Better Morning

Not a morning person? These science-backed tips will make waking up earlier a whole lot easier.

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Would You Know How to Protect Yourself from Sexual Assault?

One woman draws on her experience to empower women everywhere.

The Brain Benefits of Yoga

Ease anxiety, calm your mind, and find happiness on the mat.

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6 Things You Don't Know About Breast Cancer

Rates are declining, but close to 300,000 women are still diagnosed yearly. With Breast Cancer Awareness Month beginning, it's the right time to get informed.

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This Woman Is Spreading Breast Cancer Awareness Through Selfies

The definition of a "selfless" selfie—just in time for Breast Cancer Awareness Month tomorrow.

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5 Reasons to Pamper Yourself

You’re your own harshest critic. Give yourself a break—science says so!

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Your Ultimate Guide to Breast Cancer Awareness

Get a better understanding of the deadly disease and learn how you can support the efforts to end breast cancer forever.

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Do You Suffer from "Precrastination"?

Experts are saying that pre not procrastination is a growing problem. Learn what it is and what to do if you're afflicted?

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