Mind and Body

Why We Need Human Touch

Find out how physical contact—from your partner, best friend, or pet—affects both your emotional and physical health.

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Winter-Proof Your Home

Take these three steps now to keep you and your home safe all winter long.

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5 Easy Meditation Tips

Pro snowboarder Gretchen Bleiler shares her meditation secrets for improving your body and mind!

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3 Ways to Be a Better Leader

Whether or not you were born with the skills of a boss may not matter. New research says you can train yourself to lead.

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9 Fears to Let Go of Today

Say goodbye to anxiety! From yoga class to the kitchen and even at work, don't let these hesitations stop you.

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Why Autumn Is a Secret Energy Suck

Fighting to keep your eyes open? Here's why.

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5 (More) Perks of Being a Woman

The battle of the sexes may have a winner, according to new research on a slew of topics.

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Are You Suffering from an Expectation Hangover?

And we're not talking about the aftermath of girls' night out. Here's how to cope when life doesn't seem to go according to plan.

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