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6 Incredible Women Who Used Their Trauma As Motivation to Help Others

Inspiring women like Elizabeth Smart and Tara Miller survived abuse and disease, and turned their suffering into an opportunity

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Yoga Meditation for a Clear Mind

Start your Monday off right with a meditation technique that calms the mind and keeps you in the present moment all week long.

Which Is Healthier: Optimism or Pessimism?

There are health perks to looking at a glass as half-full or -empty, but which perspective is really better for you?

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Why Social Media Actually Lowers Stress for Women

New data shows you may not want to totally detox from technology after all.

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4 Reasons Your Phone Is Teeming With Germs

Your phone is covered in bacteria, a new study shows. Find out what you're doing with it that's so dirty.

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Feel Happier, More Confident, and Less Stressed—Effortlessly

Suffering from too-much-to-do-itis? Join the club! So we asked happiness and productivity expert Christine Carter, Ph.D. for help.

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5 Tricks to Recall Facts Immediately

Need a burst of brain power? Try these 5 techniques to remember facts on the fly.

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4 Healthy Reasons to Express Yourself

Bottling up stress or anger may feel like the right thing to do—but it can seriously backfire.

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Yoga Breathing Exercises for Relaxation

Need to unwind and de-stress? Check out this video for the calming yoga breath that will help you do it.

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