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Can This Video Stop Street Harassment?

You won't believe what happened when this woman was taped for 10 hours on the New York City streets.

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3 Surprising Places Mold Grows in Your Home

Yikes! These sneaky places are hot spots for mold (and it might be making you sick).

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4 Hidden Triggers for Tears

Randomly crying but not feeling sad? What's causing it—and what it really means.

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The Best Time to Do Everything for Your Health

Whether you're looking to run faster, sleep better, or lose weight, watching the clock just might get you there.

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The Hidden Reason You're Always Tired

Sleep problems may leave us tired all the time. And many women are—unknowingly—suffering from this common condition.

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Are These Weird Ways to Avoid Germs Really Effective?

Whether you're freaked out by the Ebola scare or just a clean freak, these "healthy habits" are probably familiar. We found out which ones actually work—and which you can skip.

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Video of Young Girls Swearing Aims to Bring Attention to Women's Rights

The group FCKH8 is pushing for social change through a video of potty-mouthed princesses. Does fighting offensive behavior with an offensive message work?

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The Weird Benefit of Dating a Younger Man

The case for being a cougar just got even stronger.

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