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How to Make the Most Out of Your Doctor's Appointment

Patients only see their doc for an average of 20 minutes. These 8 tips will help you make every minute count.


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Naomi Whittel Talks Stress

Our editor-at-large sits down with the CEO of Reserveage to ask about her favorite techniques for always staying calm.

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Sneaky Signs You're Drinking Too Much

Love a social cocktail...or three? Find out if your casual boozy nights are turning into a serious problem.

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Google Wants to Change How You Look for Health Info Online

Ok, Google. Show us what you got!

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Your Menstrual Cycle—Simplified!

Get a crash course in reproductive health with our step-by-step guide to what happens while you're waiting for Aunt Flo.

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How Much Health Info Should You Reveal at Work?

Learn the positive upsides (yes, they exist!) to sharing your health problems with your boss.

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How Much Bacteria is Really on the NYC Subway?

Scientists discovered all the germs hiding on subways, and they're not as gross as you might think.

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5 Easy Ways to Sneak in Exercise

Whether you're at home or at the office, make the most of your spare time with these quick, multitasking workout tips.

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What Your Reaction to This Pic Says About Your Brain

Science could predict your likelihood of mental illness just by judging how you respond to a picture of a face.

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