Mind and Body
Are You Too Obsessed with Eating Healthy?

There's a serious dark side to focusing too much on clean eating.

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Insta It Girl Reveals the Pains of Striving for 'the Perfect Workout Selfie'

Essena O'Neill quit Instagram, saying, "A 15 year old girl that calorie restricts and excessively exercises is not goals.”

Scientists Can Now Detect Cancer with Just One Drop of Blood

The new test may help bump cancer from its spot as the number two killer in America.

Acting #LikeABoss Boosts Testosterone in Women

Being a badass lady boss increases certain hormones in women that can have serious health perks.

What's Worse: Getting Too Little Sleep or Disrupted Sleep?

Both will make you cranky, but one has a way bigger effect on your a.m. happiness.

6 Weird Reasons You Can't Sleep

Who knew your toothpaste could keep you up?

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Two-Thirds of the World's Population Has Herpes

Yikes—more than 3.7 billion people under the age of 50 are infected with HSV-1.