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Are You Suffering from Secondhand Stress?

Experts say you can catch tension from your friends and coworkers, but you can take steps to immunize yourself.

The 5 Hottest Wearable Tech to Improve Your Fitness

Use these gadgets and gear to track your health and improve your life in and out of the gym.

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Social Media Is Making You More Awkward

Could Google stalking be holding you back from your best life?

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How to Come Back to a Friend When You Messed Up

5 painless steps will help you apologize and eliminate the tension so things bounce back to normal without any awkward moments.

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30 Ways to Bring a Little Spring into Your Life

We may still be a month or two away from skirt weather, but these fun activities will help you think it’s gorgeous and sunny.

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Change the Way You Look at Women

What if ads featured real women doing things women actually do instead of models? Watch this Buzzfeed video and be inspired.

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Your Healthy Eating Checklist

Stay slim, satisfied, and energized all week long with these expert-backed strategies for healthier eating.

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Sayonara, Cellulite!

Say goodbye to cottage-cheese thighs for good with these proven tricks—plus hear about the promising new procedure.

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7 Disturbing Facts About a "Food Baby"

What you never knew about this body phenomenon may help you never pig out again.

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