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15 Things You Didn't Know Could Change Your Breasts

Alcohol? Spider bites? Both can change your girls' size and shape. Here's how!

Your Speedy Workout Recovery Schedule

Follow this pre-, during-, and post-exercise plan, and you’ll be back at your peak to kill it in your next session faster.

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8 Solutions for Your Worst Workout Woes

Go from "hurts so good" to "feels so good" faster with these miracle workers that make post-exercise pain a bad memory.

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How to Stop Assuming the Worst

We all do it, but a habit of pessimistic thoughts can wreak havoc on your life.

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5 Factors That Determine Breast Type

You’ve been in enough locker rooms to know that every woman’s breasts look different. Here, what is behind those differences.

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Your Body on a Cleanse

The fascinating science behind everything from your headaches and hunger to that second-day euphoria and a surprising bedroom benefit on Day 3 when juicing!

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Your Brain While Meditating

A little "om" could change your life (and your noggin's structure).

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22 Things All Fit Women Eventually Experience

These signs of "fitness maturity" are reminders you're not as young as you used to be—and that's actually a good thing.

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The 7 Best Scents for Your Health

One whiff can influence your mood, habits, and brainpower!

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