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8 Email Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making

A new study says you should only be checking your email three (yes, three) times a day. What other blunders are you guilty of?

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How to Cut Any Line (Without Starting a Fight)

Speed through hospital wait times, customer service calls, checkout lanes, and more with these smart strategies.

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The Healing Power of Yoga: "It Gave Me My Life Back"

Taking up a daily practice provided so much more than a daily stretch for one women who suffers from a debilitating disorder.

5 Bathroom Mistakes You Don't Know You're Making

Your restroom style may need a makeover—we've got you covered from wiping to washing.

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17 Life Skills You Must Know Before Age 30

They build confidence, get you out of trouble, and make you feel like a superhero. How many can you cross off the list?

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New Breast Cancer Vaccine Could Slow Disease

A promising new breast cancer vaccine has been shown to slow the cancer's progression.

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The Mental Trick to Retain Strength While Injured

Benched? Prevent muscle loss with this easy move.

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6 Cute and Clever Care Packages

When it comes to comforting friends, family, or even deserving strangers, few things do the job better than a box of well-thought-out goodies.

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7 Ways Stores Manipulate Your Mind

From 'skinny mirrors' to sneaky smells, Black Friday and Cyber Monday steals can spiral into a serious hit on your wallet if you're not careful!

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