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Sweat Your Way to a Happier You

Motivational speaker Gabrielle Bernstein reveals how to use your workout to brighten your spirits on even the worst day.

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Top Health and Fitness Tips of 2013

Follow this advice to finish the year strong, slim, and healthier than ever!

20 Unfortunate Side Effects of Working Out

While there's likely no way to avoid them (besides becoming a couch potato), here are some simple solutions for when unforeseen consequences strike.

11 Things You're Doing That Could Shorten Your Life

Are you sitting down while reading this? Well, that could be shortening your lifespan. Find out which everyday habits can do the most harm.

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6 Scenarios That Stress You Out But Shouldn't

Simple tips to stay calm and cool in the most anxiety-provoking situations.

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Are Your Texts Sending the Wrong Message?

Mass texts, single-letter replies, and more irritating habits that need to be broken, immediately.

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9 Cats Who Just Can't Get Enough CrossFit

These cats won't let anything stand in the way of a good WOD.

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10 Books to Add to Your Winter Reading List

Whether you're a fan of quirky short stories or profound, coming-of-age novels, we've found a title you won't want to put down.

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5 Gym-Bag Rules That Will Make Life Easier

Follow these simple tips and you'll always be prepped for a planned or impromtu workout. Goodbye, excuses!

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