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Should You Trade in Your Therapist for a Stranger?

There's an app for that. But does it work?

Facebook Is Judging You Harder Than Your Friends

Facebook Likes can tell a person much more about you than you might think.

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How Letting Go of a Grudge Can Help Your Fitness

Science says forgiving your foes can make you a better person—in the gym, at least.

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Yoga Breathing Exercise for Energy

Feeling sluggish? Try out this breathing exercise and you'll feel ready to take on the day.

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5 Mantras to Make Your Resolution Stick

Screw the inspirational quotes—these words actually work, according to science.

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Why I Got the Alzheimer’s Test

Since there are few preventive treatments, some argue it’s best not to know your risk for the disease. Here, one woman explains why she took the test.

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The (Brain) Power of the Treadmill

Exercise is powerful medicine that can help counteract the negative effects of Alzheimer's disease, proves a new study.

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How to Ace Your Performance Review

Even when (ah!) you get no advance notice.

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Why I Drank During My Pregnancy

Alcohol consumption while expecting can be a polarizing topic. Here, one woman explains why she decided to imbibe.

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