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You Won't Believe This Could Cause Back Pain

An expert explains how your clothes could the reason your shoulders, neck, and back ache.

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Angelina Jolie Pitt Had Surgery to Remove Her Ovaries and Fallopian Tubes

Find out why the celeb took such drastic measures, and whether it was really necessary.

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Can Sleep Deprivation Benefit Your Work Flow?

A new study found that lack of Zzzs can help you make better problem-solving decisions at the office.

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10 Reasons to Love Spring

The food tastes better, it’s easier to lose weight, the sex is hotter… These wellness perks will make you even more excited to come out of winter hibernation.

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France May Start Fining Skinny Models Up to $80K

Banning thin models could put us one step closer to a healthy cultural standard for weight.

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You’ll Never Believe Why the Police Are After This Jogger

We’re a little grossed out, a little impressed by his revealing stunt.

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Your iPad May Up Your Risk for Cancer

How artificial lights can affect your risk for breast cancer, diabetes, depression, and more.

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What Your Period Weight Gain Is Really From

Find out if it's water weight, bloating, or something more permanent.

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What's the Dirtiest Item in Your Kitchen?

Hint: it's not the sponge.

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