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What Your Period Weight Gain Is Really From

Find out if it's water weight, bloating, or something more permanent.

What's the Dirtiest Item in Your Kitchen?

Hint: it's not the sponge.

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Are You Especially Vulnerable to Energy Drinks?

Their negative effects may be worse in a certain group of people, finds new research.

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Asking for a Friend: What’s the Right Way to Remove Ear Wax?

You know cotton swabs are out. But do you know what you should be using instead? We asked a doctor so you don’t have to.

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What Science Has to Say About the 5-Second Rule

Myth or fact? Find out if these studies say whether it's really OK to eat food after its been dropped.

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West Coasters More Likely to Die From Cold Exposure

And the battle of East Coast vs. West Coast rages on...

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16 Ways to Supercharge Your Brain

In honor of Brain Health Awareness week, check out these science-backed steps to improve your mind.

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No More Sunburn Excuses for Miami Beach-Goers

Thanks to free sunscreen dispensers, the city may soon be ditching its reputation for bronzed, baked skin.

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The Sneaky Thing Making Your Hangover Worse

Turns out, all you have to do to guarantee a wicked morning after is be a woman. In a dark bar. At night. Great.

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