Mind and Body
11 Healthy New Year's Resolutions

These 2015 goals have nothing to do with weight loss.

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Are You Burnt Out or Actually Depressed?

A guide to deciphering the fuzzy line between stress, burnout, and depression.

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The Top Word of 2014 Is an Emoji

Find out which emoji has been named 'word' of the year.

The Preventable Reasons Behind 4 in 10 Cancer Cases

Over half a million cases of one of the deadliest disease in America are preventable. Are you at risk?

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5 Alternative Ways to Celebrate New Year's Eve

Because drinking champagne and watching the ball drop are so 2014.

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Should We Stop Calling Cancer a Battle?

Real people share why how you talk about cancer matters.

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Here's How to Avoid the Post-NYE Cold or Flu

Your immune system will thank you.

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Are You As Healthy As You Think?

You work out and eat right, but how healthy are you really? This new wellness app can help you find out.

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The New (Healthy) Happy Hour

Drinks after work may be a thing of the past. Here, why you should hop onboard this good-for-you trend instead.

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