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13 Unexpected Benefits of Exercise

Studies show that making time for exercise delivers some serious mental health perks.

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Got a Minute? 25 Ways to a Healthier You in 60 Seconds!

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The Truth About Food Coloring

It looks pretty, but are the bright colors in your favorite foods harming your health?

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A Cure for Lactose Intolerance?

New research says the condition doesn't have to mean a life without ice cream, cheese, and more.

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Why You're Not Too Busy to Work Out

We bust 5 common excuses for skipping a midday workout. How many are you guilty of making?

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10 Best Foods for All-Day Energy

Put the pep back in your step with these nutrient-boosting foods.

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How Healthcare Reform Affects You

Everything you need to know, from maternity care to birth control, so you can get the best coverage for you.

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A Cure for PMS?

Is this supplement the secret to nixing monthly cramps, cravings, fatigue, and more?

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Is Exercise the Key to Better Sleep?

One more reason to hit the gym regularly: it may help you sleep better!