Mind and Body
12 Steps to Better Sleep

When counting sheep fails…

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6 Unusual Ways to Treat Sore Muscles

Change your ow! to oh! with these new tricks. No ice packs necessary.

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5 Surprising Effects of Supplements

Does that pill you take do more than boost energy or battle a cold?

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10 Health Myths You Still Believe

Top experts set the record straight on myths that just won’t die.

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Does Running Cause Your Skin to Sag?

Could your workout be to blame for sagging skin?

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The Real Benefits of Breastfeeding

7 good reasons to choose boob over bottle.

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10 Strategies to Eliminate Stress

Expert tips to cope with stress and anxiety and improve your quality of life.

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Give Your Room a Better-Sleep Makeover

Try these 5 easy tips today to sleep like a baby tonight!

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Do You Have a Fear of Missing Out?

Is everyone really hanging out without you? Here's what the research says.