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4 Websites to Help You Reach Your Goals

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5 Ways to Change Your Life—for Good

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Skip the Benadryl! Natural Ways to Relieve Congestion

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5 Ways Gratitude Improves Your Health

Science uncovers the secret to feeling happier, healthier, and more energetic.

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Health Concerns? Top 5 Online Communities for Support

Find friendship, information, and plenty of sympathy in one place.

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1-Minute Fixes for Happier Holidays

Recharge and reinvigorate with these quick stress-busters.

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Holiday Survival Tips for a Swinging Social Season

Our experts give advice for managing stress and enjoying the holiday season.

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ADHD or Overachiever? Women and the Epidemic of Adderall Abuse

How "the perfect life in a pill" can be deadly.

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