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15 Easy Ways to Beat Anxiety

Refresh, recharge, and stay calm with these simple tips you can do anytime, anywhere.

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Is This the Secret to a Happier Life?

A study says one popular diet known for its health benefits might also boost mood.

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22 Get-Up-and-Go Images

Need a little Pinspiration? These pics are worth 1000+ calories—burned!

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8 Scary Ways Stress Affects Your Health

From cancer to stroke, stress can wreak havoc on your body.

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Do or Don't? 10 Bizarre Health Fads

The science (or lack thereof) behind placental pills, stevia, segmented sleep, and more.

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Can Being in Love Cause Weight Gain?

The inexplicable way food and love are connected in the brain.

Top 30 Motivators for 2013

Meet the health and fitness powerhouses that can help you change your life, starting now!

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31 Days to a Fitter, Healthier You

Add one easy win to each day and get ready for your best year ever!

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“Reverse Resolutions” You Should Make This Year

Take a counterintuitive approach to your healthy goals in 2013 for results that last.

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