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This Is What Texting Does to Your Spine

Check out the graphic that's buzzing around the internet—and learn how to take back control of your posture!

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Why Yogis Are Better in Bed

Three reasons yogis who are magnificent on their mats are even more sensational in the sack!

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Are You Taking Your Vitamin D Wrong?

Simply popping your sunshine vitamin may not be enough. Find out the right way to reap all the benefits.

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The Stretch You Must Do After Every Single Run

The post-run step you're probably forgetting—and how to do it.

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15 Simple Moves That Will Change Your Career

Crush your procrastination habit, get ahead at work, and get home early.

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4 Sneaky Causes of UTIs

Peeing after sex isn't the only rule to remember when it comes to staying infection-free.

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6 Ways You’re Destroying Your Vision

Whether you wear glasses or have 20/20, these eye health and contact lens-care tips will help you save your sight.

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Things You're More Likely to Do When Your Age Ends in 9

A new study says it's not the milestone birthdays that are so important, it's the ones right before.

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