Mind and Body
6 Reasons You Need More Sleep

And how to put yourself on snooze control—tonight!

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The Scary Truth About "Thinspo"

And how to find true inspiration for your healthy lifestyle.

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12 Pieces of Fitspiration We Love!

Because sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words.

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Confidence Queens from 9 to 99

Lessons in loving yourself from real women who rule!

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10 Books Every Healthy Girl Needs

Get all the information, motivation, and entertainment you need!

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Top 10 Health Blogs Written by Actual Health Pros

Healthy living tricks from doctors, nurses, and even a mortician.

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Are Your Birth Control Pills Safe?

The FDA investigates two of the most popular pills on the market.

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Is It All in Your Head?

The facts on why eating right and workout motivation is mental.

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6 Reasons You Ignore Doctors' Advice

And why you shouldn't.