Be Your Best in Your 20s

Embrace your fears
"My mother once sent me a quote: 'Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.' I use that idea to remind myself that in the darkest of times, we're on the verge of beauty and greatness."

The Right Outlook, At Any Age
Jenna Lee, 28, Fox Business Network Anchor

Stay on the journey
"To gain the confidence to aim for the top, I've learned to accept that where I am at any moment is where I'm supposed to be. So if I don't have a Grammy-winning album this time, it doesn't mean I've failed, just that I have to keep going."

The Right Outlook, At Any Age-2
Rissi Palmer, 26, Country Music Artist

Step outside yourself
My yoga teacher told me nervousness is selfish energy. So now whenever I'm anxious about something, like a dinner party, I remind myself that it's about my guests, not me. That calms me and helps me focus on the event.

The Right Outlook, At Any Age-4
Katie Lee Joel, 26, Author of The Comfort Table

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