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8 Things That Actually Gross Him Out in Bed

These offenses may send him over the edge—in a bad way.

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7 Not-So-Obvious Signs He’s a Jerk

Is his nice guy thing all an act?

Can Birth Control Land You with the Wrong Guy?

Some research indicates the partner you pick, and how happy you are with him, could be influenced by your use of the Pill.

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5 Luxe Vibrators Worth the Price Tag

You spend money on organic produce and workout apparel, but experts say that it's time to invest in your sex life too.

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Your Top 21 Sex Questions—Answered!

Emily Morse, one of Twitter’s most popular sexperts, answers your burning questions about men, relationships, and your sex life.

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4 Sex Saboteurs After Childbirth

If your sex life isn't bouncing back as fast as you'd hoped, these common issues could be to blame.

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7 Kinky Upgrades for Your Sex Life

Bored in bed? We've got your not-so-scary solution.

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The 4 Biggest Plan B Misconceptions

One pill, so many questions. We sort out everything you need to know about this morning after emergency contraception.

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