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5 Surprising Reasons to Have More Sex Tonight

As if you need an excuse! Consider these research-backed reasons why getting busy benefits your body and mind.

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What Really Happens When You're Turned On

It's amazing what a little foreplay can do to your mind and body

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5 Ways You're Making Him Jealous

Innocent actions that actually drive him crazy.

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8 Ways to Fake Looking Like a Pro in Bed

Fun, expert-approved tips that promise pleasure no matter your experience level!

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3 Ways to Have Sex Outdoors All Winter Long

Al fresco, cold-weather romp sessions aren't for the faint of heart! Heat up in chilly temps and get frisky (without getting frostbite) with these steamy tips.

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The World's First Gender-Neutral Sex Toy Has Arrived

This is supposed to go where?

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15 Masturbation Myths to Stop Believing

Here, the strangest—and most common—self-pleasure inaccuracies that a surprising number of adults still believe.

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4 Sexual Health Tests That Can Save Your Life

Is your gyno giving you these crucial screenings when you need them most?

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