Sex and Love
"I Was Catfished"

Find out how one woman fell in love with a stranger online—and became a victim of a con man's scheme.

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5 Masturbation Tips for a Mind-Blowing Solo Session

Score a mind-blowing self pleasure session, and bring on the big O faster than you ever thought possible.

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How to Know When You're Ready to Start Dating Again

Whether you're newly single or have been flying solo for years, these signs can save you from jumping in too quickly—or holding yourself back when you're ready

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What I Learned About Having Sex in My 20s

One woman confesses her biggest bedroom regrets—plus, how you can avoid making the same sex mistakes.

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What’s Up with Squirting?

We asked an ob-gyn to weigh in on the topic du jour in the sexual health world: female ejaculation.

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6 Safety Dos and Don'ts for Online Dating

Before you meet IRL, follow these guidelines to ensure a safe first date with that cute guy you met online.

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What Makes Us Cheat? and are on a mission to discover how and why people cheat in 2015. Help us by taking our quick survey!

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Your Sexiest Hobbies, According to Men

A new study reports the perceived sexiness of various creative activities, as ranked by the opposite sex.

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The Relationship Myth to Stop Believing

One relationship expert delivers tough truths on why you need to love yourself before you look for your "better half."

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