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How a Visit to the Chiropractor Could Boost Your Sex Life

Beat back pain and boost your libido? We've got the deets.

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What Your Love of Grilled Cheese Says About Your Sex Life

In honor of National Grilled Cheese Day (yes, that's a thing!), find out what your grilled cheese preferences say about you.

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The Weird Reason Distance Runners Do It Better

If cavemen had Tinder (ha!), endurance athletes would only get right swipes.

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14 Foods You Should Avoid if You're Having Sex Tonight

It might taste good now, but you'll regret it once the candles are lit and the gas, bloating, and lowered libido set in.

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7 Tweaks for a Date Night Look He’ll Love

We've got tips to help you strike a balance between what men want and what makes you feel confident.

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The Reason Your Sex Life Suffers in the Spring

Sniffles aren't the only side effect of allergy season.

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Forget the Reach! 6 Better Ways to Handle the Check

To split or not to split? Figuring out who foots the bill doesn't need to be awkward—just memorize these tips before your next dinner out!

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Tummy Troubles? Your Birth Control May Be to Blame

New research suggests that cramps and bloating aren't the only stomach woes that come along with the Pill.

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The Easiest Fix for Low Libido That You’ve Ever Heard

You already do this every day—you may just need to do it for longer to be in the mood more.

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