4 Fall Dates: Romantic Outdoor Activity

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4 Fall Dates: Romantic Outdoor Activity
Fall date 3: fireside dining
Going out to dinner is nice, but if the weather is decent, make it an outdoor activity. Head to your favorite campground or beach and find a fire pit (just make sure your fire is safe and legal, first!) where the two of you can cozy up for a romantic fall date. Enjoy a picnic-style meal or just roast marshmallows, share a blanket and sip hot cocoa.

Spice things up with this spicy hot chocolate

Fall date 4: pumpkin picking
If you're concerned that sifting through piles of vegetables might not sustain your interest, many patches have corn mazes, hayrides, and other outdoor activities. Similar to visiting an apple orchard, pumpkin picking can act as a catalyst for a second rendezvous: If you want to see your date again, suggest getting together to carve your newly-purchased pumpkin or bake pumpkin-spice bread.

Make these in the morning: Pumpkin-Gingerbread Waffles

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