There are likely thousands of men counting down at this very moment to the six-week mark—the day that doc clears their wife to get busy again after baby. But not all new moms are so eager to jump back in the sack: One in ten women wait more than six months to resume sex after childbirth, according to a new British Pregnancy Advisory Service survey. “Six weeks isn’t a magic number,” says Cynthia Brincat, M.D., director of the Mother’s Pelvic Wellness Program at Loyola University. “It’s a number that the medical community has come up with.”

And it’s not simply a matter of physically healing (which, by the way, doesn’t always happen as fast as expected). New moms often struggle with exhaustion, a lack of lubrication, or lactation during lovemaking. “We have to change pretty much everything that we are when we become mothers,” says Amanda Edwards, a licensed psychotherapist and author of The Mother’s Guide to Sex After Babies. “Understanding and embracing our sexuality as a mother can be very challenging.” The good news: There are easy ways to overcome the most common post-baby sex saboteurs. Read on to find how.

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