5 Ways Sex Leads to Better Overall Health

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5 Ways Sex Leads to Better Overall Health

Do you really need an excuse to have more sex? Just in case you do, here's a legitimate one for you: An active sex life could lead to better overall health. Since Healthy Women, a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering women to make smart and healthy choices, recently released a survey that indicates the majority of women are having sex more out of obligation than enjoyment, it means a lot of us are missing out on the health benefits of an active sex life. Here are five reasons why you should sex yourself to a healthier life today:

1. Sex decreases stress. "Sex releases endorphins, which are natural 'feel good' hormones," Dr. Naomi Greenblatt, MD, and medical director at The Rocking Chair in New Jersey, says. For anybody who's ever had sex, that probably won't come as a huge surprise, but it's consistent with multiple studies that suggest the same thing. For example, in 2002, researchers at the State University of New York in Albany studied female students who were having unprotected regular sex as well as women who had protected regular sex, and women who were not regularly engaging in sex, and found that the women who engaged in regular sex exhibited fewer signs of depression than women who did not, with the women having unprotected sex exhibiting the fewest signs of depression. These results, which were published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, are not definitive, but remain consistent with other studies which suggest that the different compounds that make up semen can actually boost your mood.

2. Sex can be a workout. "Sex can be a significant workout," Dr. Greenblatt says. "You can burn anywhere from 85 to 250 calories every time you have sex." Not only do you burn calories, but you work different muscle groups, depending on how many different positions you try. 

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