The Best Honeymoons for Active Couples

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The Best Honeymoons for Active Couples

The Best Honeymoons for Active Couples-2

Honeymoon Destination: Africa

Tour Company: Extraordinary Journeys

Activities: Africa boasts dozens of locations for safari adventures in a variety of countries, but how do you know which location to choose? Extraordinary Journeys specializes in safari itineraries and will help you plan the perfect one to fit your interests. In addition to the traditional African safari, couples can go chimpanzee/gorilla trekking, enjoy game drives, kayaking, tennis, snorkeling, scuba diving, biking, horseback riding, balloon rides, and more. Couples can also register with Extraordinary Journeys and have their wedding guests gift them activities to take part in while on their honeymoon.

Rates vary on customized packages. Visit extraordinaryjourneys.net to learn more about customizing your African honeymoon and registry details.

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