Boost Your Libido and Have Better Sex by Tonight!

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Boost Your Libido

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Boost Your Libido and Have Better Sex by Tonight!

Lost that loving feeling? Turns out, as much as 40 percent of women complain about having a low sex drive at some point in their lives, and a survey out of the University of Chicago found that about 33 percent of women ages 18 to 59 complain of a low libido. The problem: There are dozens of reasons why a woman of any age may experience a low sex drive—although "low" can be difficult to define. According to the Kinsey Institute, people in their 20s have sex an average of 112 times a year—a number that drops to 86 times per year for people in their 30s and 69 times a year for people in their 40s. This decline in sexual activity over time is considered normal. But what if the desire is suddenly gone all together...or is on serious life support? Here's what might be hurting your sex drive—and how to snap out of it and live a healthy life in (and out) of bed.


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