Boost Your Libido and Have Better Sex by Tonight!

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Boost Your Libido

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Boost Your Libido and Have Better Sex by Tonight!



Hormonal birth control options, particularly low-dose varieties, may prevent women from experiencing their normal level of sexual desire—which many consider necessary to leading a healthy life and maintaining a romantic relationship. While it's yet to be widely recognized by the medical community that birth control side effects could include a decreased libido (no official stats exist on the matter), low sex drive is a common complaint among women on the pill. Here's why: The pill and other hormone-based birth control methods mess with the body's levels of testosterone—the hormone that puts the "drive" in sex drive—by stopping ovulation. They also increase levels of estrogen, which, after being process by the liver, attaches estrogen hormones to some of the remaining testosterone hormones, diminishing libido even more. Ask your doctor about different contraceptive options—including IUD's, diaphragms, condoms and more—if you're experiencing birth control side effects.




The phrase, "It's not you, it's him," might actually be true when it comes to female sex drive. Women who no longer trust their partners due to physical or verbal abuse, infidelity, inability to communicate, unresolved arguments and other issues, may no longer desire sex. As long as abuse isn't present, couples counseling and/or individual therapy may help resolve emotional issues that result from the effects of stress on a relationship and help rebuild intimacy.


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