Cheap Date Ideas

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Cheap Date Ideas

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Cheap Date Ideas

Whether you're in a new relationship or trying to spice things up with your long-term love, great dates help the spark stay alive. Don't let being low on "fun funds" keep you and your other half confined to the couch. Live it up for less with these cheap date ideas.

The New Dinner

White tablecloths and 14-page wine lists you can't understand are so over. Restaurants catering to those in need of wallet-friendly feasts are everywhere. From trendy burger joints and dumpling bars to BYOB gems and order-at-the-counter cafes for every cuisine, the possibilities are endless. Don't be afraid to try something new!

Do Lunch

If you do have expensive tastes, moving Saturday date night to date day is a great way to get your fine dining fix for half the price. Most high end restaurants offer specials featuring dinner fare.

Ice Skating

The lessons your mom forced you to take in elementary school will finally pay off! Help your uncoordinated sweetie zip around the rink and then "accidentally" fall on top of him for a quick smooch when he takes you down. (If this sounds like a scene out of a movie, that's because it is!) Follow with hot chocolate and maybe a back massage for his injuries if you're feeling extra thoughtful.

The Exercise Date

Sweating side by side on the elliptical with your iPods on is clearly not a romantic rendezvous. But if you and your man both like to jog, hike, or do yoga, why not burn some calories while you make googly eyes at each other in a beautiful, scenic location. Optional: Sharing a wheat germ protein smoothie.

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