Food and Love: Top 5 Food Fights Between Couples

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Food and Love: Top 5 Food Fights Between Couples

Food and Love: Top 5 Food Fights Between Couples-2

He lives for barbecue and you follow a vegan diet. He wants to eat out when you're ready for a healthy meal at home. If opposing eating habits are causing food fights between you and your mate, look out—it can affect more than just intimacy. "Food issues are also obstacles to weight loss, cholesterol control, stable blood pressure, and increased energy levels," says Cynthia Sass, author of Your Diet Is Driving Me Crazy: When Food Conflicts Get In the Way of Your Love Life. Sass serves up simple and satisfying solutions to help keep your diet—and your relationship—from spoiling.

Food Fight #1: "We're Not Hungry at the Same Time"
Ann is a teacher who gets home from work several hours before her husband Dennis, a realtor. She used to wait around snacking on chips and cookies to satisfy her hunger until mealtime. Naturally, Ann gained weight and felt self-conscious. "Postponing meals is incredibly problematic and can lead to under-eating, overeating, fatigue, irritability and mood swings," says Sass.

The Fix: As long as you're spending quality time together, who says you have to be eating the same thing? If you're hungry before your partner's home for dinner, eat your entrée solo. Then enjoy soup or even dessert while he's having his main course. Or, split the meal by eating the heartiest parts of the meal (the protein and starch) alone and the salad or veggies later on. Ann now makes herself a cup of tea while Dennis settles down to dinner and they sit together and talk about their days.

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