Food and Love: Top 5 Food Fights Between Couples

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Food and Love: Top 5 Food Fights Between Couples

Food and Love: Top 5 Food Fights Between Couples-2

Food Fight #2: "He Sabotages My Healthy Diet"
Your jeans are feeling snug so you start to say 'No' to high-calorie dinners and late-night snacks. The problem? Your partner may feel resentful or even fearful that you want to move "up and out" of the relationship. "When half of a couple changes his or her diet, the other may feel that cherished dining routines have been abruptly abandoned," says Sass. "When my client Diane went on a diet, her husband Tom said he missed their comfortable habits—Papa John's pizza and Marble Slab ice cream on Friday nights. Tom also felt that Diane was leaving him behind, so he sabotaged her diet by buying treats she couldn't resist, like fresh olive bread and donuts."

The Fix: Tell your partner why you're dieting so he or she doesn't take it personally. Tom was surprised to hear that Diane was worried about turning out like her mother, who became diabetic because she didn't maintain a healthy lifestyle. Next, find new ways to socialize that aren't food-related. Rather than polishing off a pint of Rocky Road on a Friday night, try something like shopping for bikes or putting together your ultimate playlist of all time. Pulling yourselves out of that rut can actually revitalize the relationship. When you do eat together, compromise. Trade in a large pizza for personal pies so you can customize with a thin crust with veggies instead of eating one with "the works."

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Food Fight #3: "He's a Picky Eater and I'm Adventuresome!"
Grilled fish, chicken, rice, vegetables, lasagna, and fries. Mike can count on two hands the number of foods he eats, but Stephanie is dying to try the Pad Thai Noodle shop that opened up down the street. If you're hungry for some culinary excitement, it's time you and your picky eater meet in the middle.

The Fix: At restaurants, skip the entrees and order two "safe" healthy appetizers and two "adventurous" ones. Your partner can sample new foods without the pressure of liking it or going home hungry. When you're at home, cook the same meal two different ways. Before seasoning chicken with curry, set aside your partner's portion and then spice yours up! Or, if you're getting takeout, consider ordering from two different places.

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