Heat Up Your Relationship

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Heat Up Your Relationship

  1. Limit the TV you watch together New research from Purdue University reveals that people who chat while the TV is blaring look at their companions 36 percent less often than they do when it's turned off--and that results in a less satisfying exchange. "Even if TV serves as background noise, you're distracted," says study author Glenn Sparks, professor of communication. His recommendation: Watch only the shows you truly love. "With the set turned off the rest of the time," says Sparks, "you'll create more opportunities for conversation and be able to focus on your loved one as you talk."

  2. Set the stage for intimacy Sex may be one of life's greatest pleasures, but keeping it fresh and fun does require a little work. Bring the romance back into your relationship tonight by stashing some of these goodies throughout the house.
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 Lovers' Massage: Soothing Touch for Two Find 65 massage techniques, plus tips for creating a couple's sanctuary and planning a passionate getaway.
($10; chroniclebooks.com)

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 Kama Sutra Intensifying Gel
Make sex sensational with a lubricant gel, available in two versions: Warming & Arousing and Cooling & Tingling. ($15; kamasutra.com)

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The Babeland Body Kit
The kit includes organic skin-softening bath "fizzles" and candles that melt into fragrant massage oil.
($25; babeland.com)

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K-Y Intrigue Lubricant
Feeling a little adventurous? Intrigue lasts up to six hours so you can spend more time exploring each other.
($20; at drugstores)

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