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Sex Solutions

"We're so busy."

In this age of tag-team parenting and 60-hour work-weeks, it's increasingly difficult to stay connected. But recent research from the University of Arizona shows that married couples lust after each other more during periods of greater emotional togetherness. One way to start reconnecting is to take the TV out of the bedroom: Couples without them have sex twice as often as those with them, according to an Italian study. Use your pre-snooze time to talk instead, advises University of Minnesota professor Paul Rosenblatt, Ph.D., author of Two in a Bed. "When partners are communicating, they touch each other more, which may eventually lead to sex," he explains. You should also try to get away a few times a year, even if you just steal away to a hotel in your own city. "When you're more relaxed and have free time, you're going to have more sex," explains Alice Domar, Ph.D., a psychologist at Beth Israel Deaconness Medical Center in Boston.

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