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Sex Solutions

"He doesn't seem into it."

Aren't men supposed to think about sex, like, every five seconds? So why does it seem as though he's always checking e-mail or watching TV instead of luring you into the bedroom? Problems at the office or worries over your finances could be affecting his sex drive, says Holstein. "Men often don't share what's bothering them, so you may not even be aware that something is wrong," she explains. "But if he's keeping things from you, he may feel more distant emotionally and physically." Ask questions to get him to open up; talking about his concerns will help him realize that he doesn't need to problem-solve all by himself. Another explanation for his lowered libido: If you've been refusing his advances lately, he may be frustrated. "No one wants to be rejected over and over," Holstein says. "After a while he figures you're not interested, and he stops trying as frequently." If your partner does suggest sex when you're just not into it, don't rebuff him with an outright no. Instead, ask for a rain check and figure out a time that would be better for you--like waking up a half hour earlier for a stimulating between-the-sheets session before work.

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