The Shape of Your Sex Life: The Naked Truth

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Sex and Marriage

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The Shape of Your Sex Life: The Naked Truth

Myth #2 Once you're married, the desire dies.

The truth While you may not always want to rip his clothes off the way you do right now, Schwartz says that doesn't mean the sex has to get any less satisfying. "There are a lot of ways to keep the passion alive for years to come," she says. "Wear sexy clothes, flirt, go out on dates, seduce each other."

One of the best strategies for refreshing your relationship is to try new activities together. Pick ones that get your adrenaline pumping, like riding a scary roller coaster, learning how to surf, or even watching an action-packed thriller. "Experiencing that heart-thumping rush physically stimulates you, which also enhances your sexual connection," says Terri Orbuch, Ph.D., a research scientist at the University of Michigan.

As for day-to-day activities, DeMaria encourages a lot of physical contact. "Holding hands when you're walking through the mall, helping him put on his coat, and even playfully smacking his butt when you walk by him in the hallway all show affection," she says.

To keep your bond strong, every few months try this exercise taught at Miraval Resort & Spa in Arizona: Sit in your partner's lap (clothed or nude) facing him and wrap your legs around his back. Close your eyes, put your foreheads together, and breathe in unison for two minutes. The synchronized inhales and exhales create a strong sexual energy between the two of you.

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