The Shape of Your Sex Life: The Naked Truth

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Sex and Marriage

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The Shape of Your Sex Life: The Naked Truth

Myth #4 Life gets busy, and it can be hard to squeeze in sex.

The truth "You have to make sure sex remains a priority in your marriage so that your bond stays strong," says DeMaria. "You may not feel like getting it on in the sack when you're overwhelmed, but you should. Since sex is a natural stress reducer, it can help lower your anxiety."

That said, it's tough to get in the mood after a hectic day at work. One way around this is to make love in the morning—you'll feel rested and refreshed, and men's testosterone levels are highest then, according to Hutcherson. "Try setting your alarm 15 minutes earlier; you'll start off the day on a positive note."

If crazy mornings make the above scenario unrealistic, don't waste your evenings by zoning out in front of the TV. In fact, you would benefit from having a set only in your living room. Couples whose bedrooms are TV-free have sex twice as often as those who channel surf in bed, according to an Italian study.

Myth #5 A part of you will always pine for the guy who got away.

The truth First of all, know that it's completely natural to have cold feet before your walk down the aisle. And part of that may cause you to compare your fiancé to an old flame. But it helps to remind yourself why you're daydreaming of your ex in the first place. "A lot of it comes down to the fact that he's unavailable, which can make him seem more desirable," says Schwartz. That, combined with the likelihood that you're focusing on the positive aspects of your former relationship (and forgetting the reasons you broke up), can make you a little nervous. Overcome this feeling by reminding yourself of all the reasons you love your fiancé. “If your current relationship is full of trust, companionship, and affection, you’ll be happy and satisfied for years to come,” says Schwartz. "And because you and your soon-to-be-husband are attracted to each other and emotionally connected, the sex just keeps on improving."

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