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Stress Free Sex

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Stress Free Sex

Q. My boyfriend always wants to do it in the morning, but I prefer it at night. How can we get in sync?

A. Before you can tackle synchronicity, you have to figure out why your timing is off. Guys often want sex simply because they're physically aroused (translation: They wake up with an erection), while many women need to feel relaxed to get in the mood—something that's more likely to happen after dark. Body insecurities and stress can also put the brakes on morning romps. It's hard to fully let go if you're worried about how your abs look in the light of day or you're composing a to-do list in your head.

"Be honest with your guy about why you're not into morning sex and ask him if you can take turns doing it on each other's schedules," says Real. Keep the shades down and sheets up if it makes you feel more comfortable, but try to remember that your boyfriend loves you and finds you attractive—and that your list making can wait till after breakfast. To get him on board with evening sessions, try eating dinner and turning off the TV early a few nights a week. Also give Saturday or Sunday afternoons a go—they can be a perfect middle ground.

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