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Stress Free Sex

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Stress Free Sex

Q. I haven't had sex since a breakup a year ago, and I no longer miss it. Is my drive gone for good?

A. Happily, no. You know how your body gets flabby if you don't exercise? Well, it turns out your libido goes a little soft if there's no one around to get you stirred up. A University of Vienna study found that levels of the feel good hormone oxytocin increase significantly after you have an orgasm, so you have a stronger desire for sex when you're having it more. If you can hardly recall your last roll in the hay, your brain may stop stimulating the drive. But trust us: When you meet the hot guy who just moved in next door, it will come back. You definitely don't need a partner to get the ball rolling, though; a little self-lovin' will keep your sex drive strong even when you're single. "The more often you get aroused, the easier it becomes for your brain and body to follow suit," says endocrinologist André T. Guay, M.D., the director of the Center for Sexual Function at the Lahey Clinic in Peabody, Massachusetts. If you find it difficult to climax when you touch yourself, try using a vibrator, or download an erotic chick flick, like Female Fantasies.

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