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Stress Free Sex

Q. I recently went on birth control so I could have sex without worrying about getting pregnant, but now I'm never in the mood. Could it be the pill?

A. It's certainly possible. "There are no studies proving oral contraceptives decrease sex drive, but some of these medications do lower a woman's level of circulating testosterone," says Wierman. (This hormone increases blood flow to your vagina, enhancing how you respond to sexual stimulation.) Because many women feel the pill dulls their desire, the connection is worth considering. "Talk to your doctor about going off an oral contraceptive and using a condom or diaphragm for a few months," suggests Guay. "If you notice an improvement, then you've probably found your culprit." Switching to another type of pill may also help—ask your doctor about brands that contain a form of progestin that's less likely to affect your testosterone levels.

And don't discount the role of your relationship in this: If you've been together for a while, you may be in a rut. Mix things up (try getting it on somewhere besides your bedroom!) and you might start feeling sexual again.

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