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Stress Free Sex

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Stress Free Sex

Q. Guys have Viagra. Is there anything that can boost my libido?

A. No, but you can bet researchers are in hot pursuit of that cash cow. Drugs like Viagra increase blood flow to the penis, causing an erection. Research shows that some drugs have a similar effect on a woman's genitals, but because we need more than that to get turned on, they aren't enough to help most of us.

Testosterone—either in pill, patch, or topical form—seems to give some women a libido lift. In one study, the patch increased the sex drive of women who had been put into surgical menopause (they had their ovaries removed) by about 50 percent. But it's not clear if the hormone helps other women at all. What's more, a recent study found there are some potential negative side effects to women using testosterone products, including acne and abnormal hair growth.

"We don't know what normal levels of testosterone are in women," says Wierman. "And while low testosterone can definitely dampen your drive, there's no solid evidence showing that elevating the hormone in the body is effective or safe."

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