The 12 Best Books for Fall

From thrillers to cookbooks and young adult novels, this list covers the gamut of reads you'll want to dive into.

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5 Ways to Pick the Perfect Perfume

In search of a new signature scent? Here, everything you need to choose.

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MIT Hackathon Aims to Change Breast Pumping

Breast pumping can be tough—but it doesn't have to be. Find out how MIT is hoping to change the way we think about maternal health worldwide.

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What's Your Diabetes Risk?

You could be more susceptible to the disease than you think, according to a new study. Here, how to tell, and what to do if you’re worried.

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3 Times Being Scared Is a Good Thing

There's something to those shaky hands and stomach butterflies after all.

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Going Blind and Deaf, One Woman Turns to Spinning

Cycling instructor Rebecca Alexander uses fitness to face a debilitating condition with remarkable courage and strength.

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Is Woman's Best Friend the Next Cancer Screening?

Dogs are known for having super sensitive noses, and some docs say they could sniff out ovarian cancer.

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7 Must-Have Fall Running Accessories

The gear you need—beyond just your clothes and sneakers.

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