10 Steps to Your Most Heavenly Bubble Bath

Achieve bath time nirvana every time!

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11 Easy Ways to Overcome Gym-timidation

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Stop Avoiding Your Chores: 9 Expert Cleaning Hacks

Housecleaning is no fun for anyone, but with these cleanliness tips from healthy living and germ experts, it's hardly a chore.

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How to Keep Your Headphones from Tangling

Watch this video for a clever hack to help you roll all the cords in your life into neat little bundles that stay out of your way.

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How Your Workout Could Be Hurting Your Health

One of the key elements of your favorite fitness class might be the hidden reason for your hearing loss.

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8 Ways to Get a Cheaper Gym Membership

These simple money-saving tips from a financial expert can help you slim your waistline—without busting your wallet.

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Ultraviolet Radiation Is More Powerful Than We Thought

Not only can sun damage happen during winter, but a new study suggests that your skin could be harmed hours after exposure.

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25 Health Perks of Being Happy

From boosting heart health to living longer, a positive outlook affects a lot more than your mood.

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