When Washing Your Hands Goes Wrong

People who lather up frequently may be more at risk of developing an irritating hand rash. These tips help you stay safe.


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The Quick Eyeliner Trick to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

Make your eyes look bigger and brighter with this super fast pro tip.

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Should All Brands Offer Activewear?

The fashionable fitness craze is now the norm—but should you buy yoga pants from just about anywhere that sells them?

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Can This Treatment Blast 800 Calories in 3 Minutes?

The latest health craze promises major calorie burn and health benefits. Would you try it?

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How Long Should You Wait to Sleep Together?

Time Out magazine's singles poll reveals how many dates it takes to sleep with someone, become exclusive, and become official

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Is Your Fitness Gear Past Its Expiration Date?

Learn when it's time to pony up and purchase new performance gear—plus, tips for extending the life span of your sports bras, leggings, and more.

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5 Times You're More Likely to Get Injured

No one plans an injury—but sometimes you can plan to avoid one. Beware of these scenarios that could sideline you!

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Have Multiple Orgasms in Just 7 Steps

Achieve the ultimate orgasm with a step-by-step guide from our favorite sexperts.

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Have a Better Orgasm: Eliminate Distraction

Experts share their tips for fighting off distraction—both mental and physical—so you can reach the big O.

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