You May Be at Risk for Retired Husband Syndrome

Yep, it’s an actual condition, Italian researchers say. Plus, check if your almond butter was recalled and more must-know health news from the week.

15 Words and Phrases We Need to Stop Saying

For the sake of women everywhere, let's all vow to retire these sayings that only put us down and make us feel bad.

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The Crazy Thing That Leads to 1/3 of Marriages

A new survey finds a surprising start to the path down the aisle for many couples.

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The 20 Most Important Hormones for Your Health

Build a healthier, stronger, and sexier you by getting to know your body's chemical messengers.

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10 Secrets from Successful Modern Families

It doesn't matter what size or shape yours is—these tips ring true for any family.

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5 Luxe Vibrators Worth the Price Tag

You spend money on organic produce and workout apparel, but experts say that it's time to invest in your sex life too.

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The Big Problem with Bad News

What happens when your TV, Twitter feed, and computer consist of sad stories and media reports of death, destruction, and upheaval?

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Women Are Looked Down Upon More Than Men When It Comes to Work-Life Balance

Studies still show working dads have it easier than professional moms. Here, how you can spend more time with the kids without compromising your career.

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