Rad Bikes and Cycle Gear to Enhance Your Ride

Add some swagger to your spin with souped-up bicycles, bike accessories, and cycle gear that will enhance your ride.

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Lower Your Risk of Death in Just Two Minutes

There's literally no valid excuse not to do this right now.

A Makeup Artist Reveals How to Pull Off a Nude Lip

Find the right nude lipstick shade for your skin tone to rock spring’s hottest beauty trend—without looking washed out.

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Personalized Meds Could Be the Future of Healthcare

From depression drugs to cancer vaccines, meds made just based on your DNA could be coming to your doctor's office.

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When, Exactly, Do Women Feel Horniest?

Shocker: It's completely different than guy's prime time.

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Asking for a Friend: Is Snoring Really So Bad?

Not to scare you, but it's kind of a big deal. Learn about the dangerous sleep disorders your nighttime noises cause.

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9 Ways to Make Your Sex Life More Green

You reduce, reuse, and recycle almost everywhere you go—so why not bring your sustainable ways into the bedroom?

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Sleep In—and Wake Up with Perfect Hair!

With these four styles, you'll put the beauty in beauty sleep

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U.S. Breast Cancer Rates May Rise By 50 Percent

And you'll never guess the technological improvements that are to blame (hint: not your iPhone).

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