Postpartum Depression Can Hit During Pregnancy, Too

Recent research sheds new light on the diagnosis and treatment options for postpartum depression.

The Right Way to Diagnose Yourself With Online Sites

WebMD is easier than a real-life MD, but is it safe to seek your medical advice online?

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7 Essential Oils with Serious Health Benefits

Rose, cinnamon, and more essential oils that can boost mood, improve focus, ease pain, and then some.

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Stacey Dash's Age-Defying Secrets

The Clueless actress and FOX news commentator shares her fitness and beauty tips for looking young at any age.

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Your Sexiest Hobbies, According to Men

A new study reports the perceived sexiness of various creative activities, as ranked by the opposite sex.

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6 Incredible Women Who Used Their Trauma As Motivation to Help Others

Inspiring women like Elizabeth Smart and Tara Miller survived abuse and disease, and turned their suffering into an opportunity

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Yoga Meditation for a Clear Mind

Start your Monday off right with a meditation technique that calms the mind and keeps you in the present moment all week long.

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7 Beauty Products For Your Adult Sleepover

For that first overnighter, keep these products on hand to pull off that #IWokeUpLikeThis look.

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Which Is Healthier: Optimism or Pessimism?

There are health perks to looking at a glass as half-full or -empty, but which perspective is really better for you?

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