5 Genius Things to Do With Your Cocktail (Besides Drink It)

You'll be amazed by these brilliant ways alcohol can enhance your life—without leaving you hungover the next morning.


Your R-Rated Guide to Halloween-Style Role Play

Halloween costumes aren't just for the kids! Take role play to a whole new level with these 10 sex tips, toys, and positions that will bring your fantasies to life.

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Victoria's Secret's "Perfect Body" Ad Sparks Controversy

The lingerie hub's new campaign—featuring their very own stripped down models—has people up in arms over unrealistic body goals.

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8 Foods That Fight Cellulite

Dimples can be cute, but not when they’re on your butt or thighs! Eat your way to a firmer, smoother body with these cellulite-zapping foods.

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5 Stylish Sneakers for Everyday Wear

Make a statement with head-turning high tops, wedges, slip-ons, and more.

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5 Moves for Bigger, Better Orgasms

These expert-backed sex tips promise a climax that will blow your mind.

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10 Things That Should Never Go Near Your Vagina

The sex toys, lotions, and other surprising things that should be on every woman's banned-below-the-belt list.

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11 Other Occasions That Deserve a Sparkly Ring

Recently, Mila Kunis designed a "motherhood ring." Yet, why limit jewelry to babies and engagements? Here, more accomplishments we think deserve bling.

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