Perfect Your Winter Outfit with Knit Hats

Don’t let freezing temps ruin your outfit! Beanies and knit caps are a super cute (and practical) winter accessory

5 (Grown-up) Ways to Clear Up Pesky Acne

Pimples aren't just a teenage skin problem—and derms are finding new (improved!) ways to clear up your face, stat!

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Are You Obsessed With Your iPhone?

Here's how to stop checking it every 5 seconds.

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Are You Taking Good Enough Care of Your Hands?

Your hands give away your age faster than your face. Here, the most common hand woes—plus how to fix them.

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Your Easy Wedding Workout Guide

We're here to save you some time with the best workouts for every wedding dress style.

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And the Riskiest Sex Position Is...

Hint: This may be one of your go-to moves every night!

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Every Type of Bra You Should Own—and Why

From the t-shirt bra to the bandeau (and of course the sports bra!), these bra styles should be staples in your wardrobe.

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Your Doc's Pain Prescription May Not Be Best

A new report from the National Insitutes of Health talks chronic pain and what we know about treating it.

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Kate Middleton Is on Twitter!

Follow the official account of Kate, Will, and Harry.

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