The Best Women-Only Fitness Retreats

If booking a vacation means more to you than just sitting on a beach, you need to check out these retreats geared towards the fit-minded traveler.

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The Sneaky Thing Making Your Hangover Worse

Turns out, all you have to do to guarantee a wicked morning after is be a woman. In a dark bar. At night. Great.

17 Women Who've Made Amazing Contributions to Health and Fitness

From birth control to equal pay for female athletes, these women have shaped what it's like to be a woman in 2015.

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Kerri Walsh Jennings' Mental Trick for Playing Like a Pro

Steal the Olympic beach volleyball player's tip for easing anxiety and being at the top of your game.

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This New App Is Like Yelp for Rx Drugs

Now you can be as sure of your medication choice as you are of your dinner tonight.

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Sunday-Somnia Is Screwing Up a Lot of Work Weeks

Science says 1 in 4 adults suffer from anxiety, depression, and insomnia (aka the "Sunday Scaries").

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5 Weird (But Totally Normal) Side Effects of Sex

These bizarre bedroom issues are actually completely common parts of intercourse. Don't stress!

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Could Too Much Vitamin D Be Dangerous?

Just in time for spring, science shows that too much of "the sunshine vitamin" could be just as bad as not enough.

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Forget Windex! 7 Recipes for Homemade Cleaners

These DIY dupes will leave your house sparkling—sans the chemical smells.

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