How to Find Your Most Pleasurable Sex Positions

An expert explains how the right position can spell the difference between so-so and earth-shattering sex.

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Nix Blackheads With These Genius Skin Tricks

A dermatologist spills the most effective beauty products and skincare regimen tips for getting rid of blackheads—for good!

How to Make the Most Out of Your Doctor's Appointment

Patients only see their doc for an average of 20 minutes. These 8 tips will help you make every minute count.

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The Perfect Amount of Foreplay

Men, women, and science agree: Maximize (and lengthen!) your warm-up for a bigger, better climax!

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The Biggest Sex-Related Issues Women Worry About

These concerns more common than you think. Find out women's biggest stressors when it comes to getting it on.

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5 Health Perks of Being in a Relationship

Science reveals the right relationship can be a total life-changer.

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Naomi Whittel Talks Stress

Our editor-at-large sits down with the CEO of Reserveage to ask about her favorite techniques for always staying calm.

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More Than Half of People Have Cheated on a Partner

Shape and Men's Fitness teams up on a survey about infidelity. Nearly 2,500 people responded—and now, the results are in.

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7 of the Most Amazing Gyms Across the World

Average Joe's these are not. Behold, seven of the world's most innovative, beautiful, and downright awesome places to sweat.

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