4 Conversations That Lead to Better Sex

Sexperts agree that dirty talk isn't the only form of communication that can transform good sex into O-mazing sex.

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Sneaky Signs You're Drinking Too Much

Love a social cocktail...or three? Find out if your casual boozy nights are turning into a serious problem.

"Flirting Made Me Faceplant on the Treadmill"

Get a load of these mortifying gym fails that might make you want to rethink flirting with your hot fitness trainer.

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10 Texting and Tech Rules for the Modern Dater

Learn the dos and don'ts of talking to a new guy in the digital age—before you press send.

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Google Wants to Change How You Look for Health Info Online

Ok, Google. Show us what you got!

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"My Husband is 30 Years Older Than Me"

Age ain't nothing but a number for these lovebirds! 10 women share why they love being married to a younger or older partner.

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6 Products to Upgrade Your Sex Life

Whether you’re masturbating or making love, we’ve got the best vibrators, lube, and other toys for the ultimate O.

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Your Menstrual Cycle—Simplified!

Get a crash course in reproductive health with our step-by-step guide to what happens while you're waiting for Aunt Flo.

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Check Out Rita Ora's Daring New Collection for Adidas

Stand out with bold prints designed by the It Brit and fitness buff.

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