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No Birth Control, No Alcohol, Says a New CDC Warning

You may have heard the government wants sexually active women to stop drinking. Thankfully, it's a little more complicated than that.

I Quit Drinking for A Month—And These 12 Things Happened

I Quit Drinking For A Month and These 12 Things Happened

10 Alcohol Myths You Might Want to Get Straight

Old wives’ tales, get outta here.

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Because we know you're wondering.

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The scientific explanation for those mortifying moments at the annual company soirée.

20 Low-Calorie Holiday Cocktail Recipes

These seasonal bevvies will raise your spirits, but not your pants size.

How Alcohol Screws with Your Sleep

How holiday cocktails and wine affect your shut-eye.

Why Your Brain Always Says Yes to a Second Drink

Yes, you can blame your brain for that hangover.

This 110-Year-Old Woman Crushed 3 Beers and a Scotch Every Day

Well, that's what one "supercentenarian" swears by.

Asian Pear Juice May Be the New Hangover Cure

Drinking the sweet juice may save you from a morning of misery.

4 Plan-Ahead Ways to Prevent the Drunk Munchies

Because that pizza looks so much better once you’re a few drinks in.

The 4 Drunk Personality Types, According to Science

Read this before your next big GNO.

How Bad Is Drinking While Pregnant?

A surprising number of women worldwide imbibe while they're expecting. Docs weigh in!

Is Your Two Buck Chuck Habit Hurting Your Health?

Sure, your wine may have a bouquet of cherries and tobacco, but are those extra dollars may be helping your heart health or not?

8 Reasons Drinking Alcohol Is Actually Good for You

Looking for an excuse to drink? We've got 8. Cheers!

6 Day Drinking Dangers That Will Make You Rethink "Rosé All Day"

Boozing before happy hour is all fun in the sun until you're dehydrated and a few pounds heavier.

The Calorie Count of All Your Favorite Cocktails

Alcohol makes up 10 percent of your daily calories, a new study says, yet 80 percent of adults don't know how many calories are in their drinks.

The Body-Altering Effects of Alcohol

Before heading to a bar, use this infographic to brush up on the short- and long-term effects of alcohol and booze responsibly.

Scientists Are Making Hangover-Free Wine

Finally, researchers are trying to fix the only downside to a glass of red: the wine headache.

Powdered Alcohol Set to Hit Shelves This Summer

"Palcahol" just received federal approval, despite some major concerns. Here's what you need to know.

Is This the Healthiest Wine in the World?

A wine with higher antioxidant levels and lower allergy-causing sulfites and tannins? Yes, please!

Too Drunk? Forget About the Bartender Cutting You Off

Turns out, all you have to do to guarantee a wicked morning after is be a woman. In a dark bar. At night. Great.