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Spice Girl Geri Halliwell Reveals She Battled Bulimia

When you think of the pop music scene of the '90s, there is no greater force than the Spice Girls. These five talented and outspoken women took over the world with their catchy songs (don't even try to deny that "Wannabe" is still in heavy rotation on your iPod), over-the-top personalities, and in-your-face messages of girl power and confidence.


Rihanna's beauty looks are always edgy yet effortless and this was no exception. To create this look, apply a leave-in conditioner before pulling hair into a high pony tail  for a smooth, sleek effect, add a few waves with a curling iron (like ghd Curve Classic Wave Wand) to add extra wave and volume, and finish off with hairspray (like MOP C-System Firm Finish Hair Spray) to give hair extra staying power, her hairstylist Yusef explains. If it can withstand her dance moves we're confident it'll get you through any rigorous dance cardio class and look good after, too. 

Photo: Getty Images