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birth control

SCOTUS Refuses to Rule On a Birth Control Case

The Supreme Court ruling is pretty unusual

Getting Your Tubes Tied Is Almost As Popular As The Pill

The number of women using female sterilization will shock you.

Is This the Birth Control of the Future?

It's like nothing else you've ever seen.

How to Find the Best Birth Control for You

What works for your friend may not be the right choice for you

What's the Deal with Birth Control and Blood Clots?

Spoiler: The risk hasn't gone away, and is potentially life-threatening. Here's what to know to protect yourself if you're on the Pill.

Can the Birth Control Pill Protect Against Knee Injuries?

Your squats stand to benefit from your birth control

The Reason Pregnancy Rates Are the Lowest They've Been In Years

It has a little something to do with this awesome birth control method

6 Things You Should Know About the Birth Control Shot

The truth about weight gain, hormones, and fertility on Depo Provera

How Bad Is It to Take Plan B As Birth Control?

OB/GYNs weigh in on whether you can rely on the "morning after pill" as a regular form of birth control.

You Can Now Get Birth Control from Your Pharmacist

Getting the pill (or whatever you use!) just got a whole lot easier.

3 Major Birth Control Myths, According to Ob-Gyns

Top docs share the most common misconceptions see in their practices. This is the real deal.

6 IUD Myths—Busted!

We bust six common myths about the hotly debated form of birth control.

Birth Control Pills Could Slash Your Risk of Endometrial Cancer

A new study found that women on The Pill slash endometrial cancer risk by a quarter.

Why Family Planning Matters When Choosing an IUD

Not if you're planning on this in the next five years.

The Diaphragm Just Got Its First Makeover In 50 Years

Caya is dusting off an old contraceptive fave and giving it a better design.

Planned Parenthood Campaign Asks Women to Share How Birth Control Helped Them

#BirthControlHelpedMe is bringing awareness to what the Pill means to women all over the globe.

Exciting New Laws Reshaping Healthcare in the U.S.

From larger birth control supplies to limited cigarette purchases, 2015 has been a big win for America's public health system.

Are Birth Control Pills Shrinking Your Brain?

The Pill may help your girls grow, but could it be squashing your brainpower? A new study has the deets.

Is Your Birth Control Causing Tummy Troubles?

New research suggests that cramps and bloating aren't the only stomach woes that come along with the Pill.

Is an IUD the Best Birth Control Option for You?

They're quickly becoming a popular birth control method. But are they the right option for you?

Have an Amazing Orgasm: Check Your Prescriptions

The culprit behind your low libido may be in your medicine cabinet. Improve your sex life by finding out which 'scripts affect your desire to get down.

3 Apps to Make Natural Family Planning Easier

One of the oldest forms of birth control has gotten a tech-forward makeover.

What It Was Like to Grow Up with the Pill OTC

One woman shares her positive story and why it's important for women in the U.S. to have access to over-the-counter birth control.

My Birth Control Pill Almost Killed Me

How one woman’s experience will make you want to re-read the label on your birth control pill.

Male Birth Control Is on Its Way: But Will It Work?

We've been thisclose to functional male birth control for 30 years now. What's taking so long? One expert breaks down the science.

The Conversation 40 Percent of Couples Don't Have

Have you had this important discussion?