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How Your Accessories Are Hurting Your Body

Your life may not be complete without them, but these go-tos might be wreaking havoc on your bod.

Should You Be Eating These Alkaline Foods for Better Health?

Take a deeper look at the much-disputed alkaline diet.

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"Nobody should feel like that's normal."

5 Times Model Melinda Parrish Inspired Us to Be Body Positive

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#MenForChoice Stand Up for Women's Abortion Rights

"I have 6 daughters. Their personal choices are between themselves and their families. I don't judge them. Just love them."

This Fitness Couple Gained 60 Pounds to Sympathize With People Struggling to Lose Weight

"We wanted to get back in the trenches with our followers and live it up with them."

6 Weird Things You Didn't Know About Sweating

Straight from science (and your sweat glands)

Asking for a Friend: Is It Bad to Hold Your Pee?

We asked a doc for the real deal on holding your pee, plus what the risks (if any) are to your health.

Asking for a Friend: Are Post-Workout Showers Really Necessary?

We checked in with a skin pro to find out how important it really is to hit the showers after a sweat session.

7 Ways to Bypass Mosquito Bites, Minus the Bug Spray

Trade gross and sticky bug spray for natural remedies that really work.

The Case for Cold Showers

A hot, steamy shower can be a place of solace, but experts say there are serious perks to going cold.

The Bacteria That Causes Body Odor

Researchers have identified the bacteria that makes your sweat so, well, stinky.

Banish Boob Sweat with These 3 Tricks

Finally stop worrying about how your girls look and start focusing on your workout.

7 Strange Side Effects of Exercise

Sometimes it can feel like you’re the only one who sweats so much during yoga or feels extra-slow on morning runs. Are you? We had an expert weigh in.

20 DIY Beauty Products to Get Pampered on Less

Try these simple recipes today to avoid chemicals and save money—without skimping on pampering!

9 Reasons Your Sweat Smells

From pills to perfumes, these little things can make a big stink.

The No-Deodorant Debate

Are you brave enough to go bare?

When Going Commando Is a Good Idea

Gynecologists often recommend slipping off your panties while you sleep—here's why.

7 Ways to Keep Your Vagina Young

Anti-aging isn't only for your face!

A Year of Great Skin: Your Month-By-Month Plan

Skin is the one thing you'll wear for the rest of your life. Give it the love it deserves with this derm-approved plan.

8 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Deodorant

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The Best Spa Baths for Your Body

Soothe your muscles, detoxify your skin, and quiet your mind with a trip to the tub.

Turn Thanksgiving Leftovers into Beauty Treatments

Use Thanksgiving extras to reduce wrinkles, firm your skin, and rejuvenate dry winter hair.

Plus-Size Fashion Bloggers Dress Up Their Curves

The New York Times sparks conversation by featuring plus-size fashion bloggers.