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body confidence

This Beauty CEO Was Told She Was Too Overweight to Represent a Makeup Brand

And now she's the CEO of a billion-dollar cosmetics empire, so take that, haters.

This Woman Had a Realization After Being Body-Shamed for Wearing a Swimsuit

"I am not going to let what other people think of me stop me from living my life."

Rachel Bloom Opens Up About Why She Had to Buy Her Emmys Dress

"It's hard to get places to lend me dresses because I'm not a size 0."

Why One Trainer Decided to Stop Covering Up Her Acne

Because who *always* has time to apply makeup before hitting the gym?

This SoulCycle Instructor Will Inspire You to Stop Criticizing Your Body for Good

"I wish I could go back and tell myself that being thin wasn't magically going to get me the life that I wanted, and it wasn't going to make me happy."

This Woman Has Had *Enough* of Fat Jokes

For one, no one laughs at them.

Pink Delivers Emotional Speech About Self-Acceptance at the VMAs

"We don't change. We take the gravel and the shell and we make a pearl. And we help other people to change so they can see more kinds of beauty."

High School Principal Caught Telling Students They Shouldn't Wear Leggings Unless They're a Size 0 or 2

This principal told students they shouldn't wear leggings unless they're a size 0 or 2. NOT okay.

Why One Fitness Influencer Posted a "Bad" Photo of Herself

Chinae Alexander explains that not posting a "perfect" photo was just perpetuating the idea of perfection.

These Cardio-Dance Workout Videos Are Encouraging Women to Have Fun with Fitness

Keaira LaShae is paving the way for more women to just get up and move.

Winnie Harlow Celebrates Her Vitiligo In a Powerful Nearly Nude Photo

"The real difference isn't my skin. It's the fact that I don't find my beauty in the opinions of others."

I Was Fat Shamed By My Doctor and Now I'm Hesitant to Go Back

Fat shaming by doctors is real—and it's a health hazard.

How Making Small Changes to Her Diet Helped This Trainer Lose 45 Pounds

"Never in my life did I think I'd be where I'm at right now, feeling so confident both physically and emotionally."

An Open Letter to Women Who Feel Like They Don't Belong In the Gym

Hey you, hiding in the back row of spin class. Get up here.

Katie Willcox Wants You to Know You're So Much More Than What You See In the Mirror

Katie Willcox shares why obsessing over your progress pics is leaving out some important details.

Emily Skye Has a Message for Everyone Who Thinks They Know What's Best for Her Pregnancy

Why do so many non-experts think they know everything about pregnancy?