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body confidence

Fitness Guru Jen Widerstrom Shows a Side of Her We've Never Seen Before

"We all have a place where we started and don't want to go back to."

The Genius Self-Confidence Trick Demi Lovato Does In the Shower

Steal this in-shower ritual to get a dose of her boss-babe confidence

This Model's Post Shows What It's Like to Be Fired Because of Your Body

"It's funny how you can be 0.5 or 1 cm 'too big' but never 1-6 cm 'too small'."

This Clothing Brand Offers Size Swaps So Women Don't Need to Worry About Fluctuating Weight

"We wanted to eradicate that destructive inner monologue women have when they're trying on clothes."

This Badass Bodybuilder Proudly Showed Off Her Excess Skin On Stage After Losing 135 Pounds

"This is for every single person who told themselves they can't."

This Bride Embraced Her Alopecia on Her Wedding Day

"There was no way I was going to wear a wig at my wedding."

Troian Bellisario On How Makeup Can Mess with Your Self-Image

The Pretty Little Liars star shares why she likes to keep it fresh-faced at home.

This Body Positive Advocate Wants You to Stop Striving for the Perfect Angle

"I am learning to embrace ALL of me so that I can be at peace with every angle, crease, lump, bump, scar, roll, and pound."

Amy Schumer Stands Up to Body Shamers with a Series of Bikini Photos

Because *every* woman has the right to pose proudly in a bathing suit.