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body confidence

Why It's OK to Not Be Skinny

If you've struggled with body image issues, this is a must-read.

Model Ashley Graham Has a Problem with the 'Plus-Size' Label

Plus, her go-to workout for a lifted (yet jiggly!) butt and what's on her vision board for 2016.

The New Barbie Is Body Positive (And Curvy!)

Mattel just gave Barbie the ultimate makeover

Think You Can't Dance Because You Don't Have a Dancer's Body?

This plus-size dance troupe shatters stereotypes about what it means to be a real dancer.

How Women's World Surf League Champion Carissa Moore Rebuilt Her Confidence After Body Shaming

Find out how Carissa Moore keeps body-shamers from getting in the way of her success.

Body Positive Celebs Bare All In These Incredible (Nearly) Naked Photos

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How Burlesque Fitness Taught Me to Love My Body

Changing it up (a lot!) was the push one woman needed.

The Science Behind Stretch Marks

Why you should wear them loud and proud!

Certain Body Types Linked with Health Conditions

Knowing whether you're an apple, pear, or banana can give you crucial health info.

Don't Let the Scale Wreck Your Self-Esteem! 4 Rules for Weighing Yourself

Learn to have a healthy relationship with your scale—finally!

Were Thinx Underwear Ads Nixed Because They Used the Word 'Period'?

Thinx underwear ads spark some serious controversy in NYC.

Demi Lovato Just Posed for the Best Nude Photos Ever

The singer had three rules: "no makeup, no clothes, no retouching."

I'm Not Proud of Why I Lost Weight

"I was told I could be the hottest girl in Brooklyn—if I lost weight."

Why the "Yoga Body" Stereotype Is BS

Meet the women set on proving that any body can bend.

10 Times Beyoncé Inspired Us to Drop a Squat

In the year of the butt, Beyoncé's Instagram posts proves that she's still the "Bootylicious" queen.

I'll Never Be Skinny, and That's OK

"It's time to stop constantly agonizing over the number on the scale and the number on the tag in my pants."

We're Loving Lena Dunham and Danielle Brooks' Body-Confident Sports Bra Pics

These ladies prove working out is about health and happiness, not about looking like a fitness model.

Will Khloé Kardashian Ever Catch a Break from Body Image Haters?!

Really, we're giving her hell about her knees now?

10 Workout Songs to Spark Your Body Confidence

Give your routine and body confidence a boost with hits from Beyoncé, Eve, and more.

Brides Share Why They Said "I Don't" to Weight Loss

There are actually some brides out there who aren't obsessed with wedding diets—and we found 'em!

Ditching My Full-Length Mirror Helped Me Lose Weight

One writer shares how getting rid of this one item changed her life.