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body confidence

Now Khloé Kardashian Is Getting Skinny Shamed

Now the reality star is being skinny shamed

Ronda Rousey Makes a Powerful Statement About Perfection

It's makeup off and dukes up in her new Reebook ad

Jennifer Aniston Writes Powerful Essay On Pregnancy Rumors

Exhausted by tabloid rumors, Jennifer Aniston is asking media consumers to stop buying into the BS.

What Olympic Hammer Thrower Amanda Bingson Loves Most About Her Shape

She'll make you feel freaking proud of your body—and in awe of hers

Miss Teen USA Swaps Swimsuits for Athletic Wear

But will this bold move be enough to motivate young fans?

I Took Sexy Photos For My Boyfriend & Here's How It Went

Body-positive boudoir photography at its best

U.S. Soccer Player Christen Press Gets Real About Having the "Perfect Body" In the ESPN Body Issue

Even World Cup Champion U.S. soccer players have insecurities, you guys

The Emotional Body-Pos Video You Need to Watch

JCPenney's new campaign, #HereIAm is changing the conversation around what it means to be plus-size.

ModCloth Supports Bill That Fights Photoshopping

The fashion brand gets behind the The Truth in Advertising Act, which aims to limit how digitally altered images are used.

H&M Just Got Majorly Called Out for Making 'Unrealistically Small' Jeans

"Why are you making jeans that are unrealistically small?" questioned one woman in a now-viral Facebook post.

Ashley Graham Stands Up for Plus-Sized Women at the Miss USA Pageant

We hope her message of inclusion will have an impact on future pageants.

Find Out What This Mom Did After the Internet Fat-Shamed Her Baby

Seriously, people, can the cute baby just live his innocent life?

Anna Victoria Just Got Really Real About Stomach Rolls

The Instagram fitness star posted two back-to-back photos on Snapchat the day before her wedding to prove the power of ~angles~.