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These Instragrammers Are Reminding Us Why It's Important to #ScrewTheScale

Proof that health is measured by strength and endurance—not a number.

Anna Victoria Explains Why She Doesn't Care That She Gained Weight

"Instead of inspiring you with a 'perfect' journey, I hope to inspire you with how I deal with a not-so-perfect journey."

Emily Skye Is Embracing Her Cellulite and Weight Gain During Preganancy

"I'm completely embracing and celebrating these changes."

This Badass Ballerina Is Out to Squash Dancer Stereotypes

This craft-beer drinking, boxing cross-training, raven-haired dancer is changing what people think it means to be a prima ballerina.

This Plus-Size Model Stood Up to a Body Shamer On Her Flight

And she posted her bully's "defense" on Facebook.

People Are Loving ASOS for These Unretouched Swimsuit Photos

Because everyone has stretch marks, birth marks, and scars...

Blogilates' Cassey Ho Reveals How a Bikini Competition Totally Changed Her Approach to Health and Fitness

Because two years' worth of metabolic damage sure as hell isn't worth a few great bikini pics.

Most Adults Need to Learn What This Mom Taught Her Kids About Body Fat

There's no shame in the word fat, only in the verb you use with it.

This Model with a Genetic Disorder Is Breaking Down Stereotypes

"Women can be anyone and anything they want."

7 Women Share the Best Self-Love Advice They Got from Their Dads

Dads have a surprising way of lending advice exactly when you need it.

New Survey Shows Women Prefer Dadbod to Six-Pack

There's nothing wrong with sporting one, but why is there *still* no female equivalent?!

How Running a Naked 5K Helped Me Accept My Saggy Skin and Stretch Marks

"I lost 150 pounds and finally embraced all the changes that came with it."

'Unguarded and Unbothered' Is Our Favorite New Instagram Movement

"I have finally found love in myself that I never had, and I have never been happier."

Why Calling Ashley Graham Brave Could Actually Be an Insult

Saying the model is "courageous" for loving her body sends a mixed message about body love.

I Quit Bikini Competitions and I'm Happier and Healthier Than Ever

One woman gave up fitness competitions and restrictive diets and is healthier and happier than ever.

Chloë Grace Moretz Speaks Out About Her New Film's Body-Shaming Ad

The producers have "terminated the campaign" in response to the backlash.