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I Took Sexy Photos For My Boyfriend & Here's How It Went

Body-positive boudoir photography at its best

U.S. Soccer Player Christen Press Gets Real About Having the "Perfect Body" In the ESPN Body Issue

Even World Cup Champion U.S. soccer players have insecurities, you guys

The Emotional Body-Pos Video You Need to Watch

JCPenney's new campaign, #HereIAm is changing the conversation around what it means to be plus-size.

ModCloth Supports Bill That Fights Photoshopping

The fashion brand gets behind the The Truth in Advertising Act, which aims to limit how digitally altered images are used.

Why Commenting On a Woman's Weight Is Never a Good Idea

Weight-related comments can have a serious impact on your body image, even if you're completely healthy

Ashley Graham Stands Up for Plus-Sized Women at the Miss USA Pageant

We hope her message of inclusion will have an impact on future pageants.

Find Out What This Mom Did After the Internet Fat-Shamed Her Baby

Seriously, people, can the cute baby just live his innocent life?

Body Image Issues Start Way Younger Than We Thought

And all that name-calling has lasting effects.

Facebook Bans Image of Plus-Size Model, Says She "Depicts the Body In an Undesirable Manner"

What exactly is behind the social media's bizarre "health and fitness policy"?

Watch Amber Riley Slam Body Shamers In a Raw, Hilarious Video

Just so we're clear, calling her fat is not an insult.

Would You Be Mad If Someone Called You Fat?

What about plus-sized, curvy, full-figured, chubby? The words describing women's bodies can be painful or powerful, depending on how you feel about them.

How Becoming a Police Officer Taught Me to Appreciate My Strong, Curvy Body

"My body is my greatest tool when it comes to being able to do my job effectively," says Christina DiPiazza.

Emilia Clarke, Professional Badass, Goes Unapologetically Nude

The Game of Thrones actress proved her invincibility both on and off the screen.

Why America Hates Fat Women, the Feminist Take

The proof is in the fat-free dairy-free gluten-free pudding: America hates fat women.

How You Feel About Your Body Has a *Huge* Affect on How Happy You Are

Study says it's weighing on your overall life satisfaction.

What Is "Rational Fitness" and Why Should You Try It?

One woman re-writes the rules of fitness from head to toe.

Meghan Trainor Was Photoshopped Without Her Permission And She's 'So Sick Of It'

"They photoshopped the crap out of me and I'm so sick of it and I'm over it," the singer explained on her Snapchat.

Amazing Women Who Embrace the #LoveMyShape Movement

These inspiring ladies used the #LoveMyShape to share what makes them feel strong and confident

Losing and Regaining 100 Pounds—Twice—Taught Me to Love My Body

You shouldn't wait to love your body until after you've achieved your health goals.