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body image

Celebs Get *Really* Real About Being Healthy

Hint: Working out and eating healthy isn't always rainbows and unicorns.

Why It's OK to Not Be Skinny

If you've struggled with body image issues, this is a must-read.

The New Barbie Is Body Positive (And Curvy!)

Mattel just gave Barbie the ultimate makeover

Is Your High-Performance Gym Gear *Actually* Helping Your Performance?

That expensive tech maaay not be having much of an effect.

Women That Prove Being Strong Is Dead Sexy

Show off those (muscle) curves, ladies!

Why You Should Be More Body Positive This Year

Because body positivity is so much better than negging on yourself.

France Bans Super Skinny Fashion Models

And if modeling agencies or fashion houses don't comply, they could be seriously fined.

9 Ways You Could Be Fat Shaming Someone at the Gym

Cut these statements from your vocab, stat.

Model Iskra Lawrence Wants You to Stop Calling her 'Plus-Size'

The model talks outdated labels and the just-launched body-positive site, Runway Riot.

This Woman's Response to Fat Shaming at the Gym Will Make You Want to Cheer

Kenlie Tiggeman didn't get revenge, she got something even better.

Forget "Plus-Size"—Curve Models Are Embracing a More Body Positive Label

Here's to all the ladies who can't find jeans that fit and flatter their gym-honed booties!

My Husband and I Are Vegan Bodybuilders

This plant-powered couple is proof you can build muscles without animal products.

Body Positive Celebs Bare All In These Incredible (Nearly) Naked Photos

Amy Schumer, Serena Williams, and more deliver up some of our favorite body positive moments.

The Science of Fat Shaming

And how to stop the destructive practice.

I Came Back to Ballet as a Grownup—Then Danced The Nutcracker with a Professional Dance Company

Spoiler alert: There were a lot of yoga, pilates, barre3, and, of course, ballet classes.

Just How Skinny Are Store Mannequins?

This infographic shows how different they really are from the average female body.

Instagram It Girl Wants to Show You What Really Goes Into Taking the Perfect Pic

Essena O'Neill quit Instagram, saying, "A 15 year old girl that calorie restricts and excessively exercises is not goals.”

Study Finds Body Shaming Leads to Higher Mortality Risk

Weight discrimination is not only unhelpful—a new study finds it can lead to higher mortality risk.

I'm Not Proud of Why I Lost Weight

"I was told I could be the hottest girl in Brooklyn—if I lost weight."

Gigi Hadid Slams Body Shaming In an Instagram Post

"Yes, I have boobs, I have abs, I have a butt, I have thighs."